How do I know if I need a diagnosis & an SEO strategy?

09 August 2021
Veruska Ortega
How do I know if I need a diagnosis & an SEO strategy?

Search Engine Optimization techniques are dynamic, because as technology advances, so do the ways of positioning websites in search engines. 

If you have a website and you have already applied some SEO techniques, you should know that it will constantly require an SEO diagnosis and, in some cases, a new SEO strategy. 

If your bounce rate is increasing, the organic traffic represents a very low percentage of the total or the website is not indexed by main keywords, it is more than clear that you need a proper Search Engine Optimization strategy to be able to rank among the first results of the search engines.


Signs that you need a new SEO strategy 

Once you have a strategy up and running, the reports should clearly indicate the changes you need to make to your website. However, sometimes SEO agencies only fix basic problems and fail to monitor changes. In these cases, some indicators that a new strategy is needed are:

1.  Organic traffic has been steadily declining for a few months.

2.  Organic traffic is stagnant and has not changed for months.

3.  The business integrated new products or services, which meant a major change in the content of the site.

4.  The site’s objectives changed radically. For example, when a site changes from an information portal to an online shop.


As we have already mentioned, the internet is not static. Information, technologies and user behaviour is constantly changing and all digital marketing and SEO strategies must keep pace with these changes to achieve your business goals.

A good SEO specialist monitors trends and keywords constantly, giving you valuable information about what content people are searching for online, how to target your audience and how your company is appearing in search results. SEO work that isn’t up to date won’t deliver any of these benefits, so it’s best to make sure your SEO agency or provider regularly diagnoses and implements a search engine optimization strategy that’s right for your brand.