Total parking solutions for owners and customers

08 December 2021
Amara Kashif


Parking Solutions

Parking solutions for everyone is a need of time. Each individual has his parking demands. All parking solutions are available at up to the satisfaction of every individual.


Hardware Solutions

Hardware solutions include

Payment Machines: Payment machines provide smart, smooth and quick payment solutions.

ANPR Cameras: ANPR cameras provide license plate scanning accuracy in all conditions of day and night.

Info screens: Infoscreens can be placed to display information.

Infocom: Infocom is self-help at exit provides customer payment and any other related information.

Access Control: It gives access to visitors to enter or exit parking at any time by typing the license plate number or code.

Software Solutions

Software solutions include

Simply Admin: You can digitalise parking key services and can admin from anywhere and anytime you wish.

Data: Data insights related to visitors and parking activity provides smart decision making and improving solutions.

Integrations: Signing up to Loyalty club with a parking administration platform offers customer parking discounts and several other benefits automatically on arrival at the facility.

Validations: Through this solution, free parking for guests and a parking reservation facility can be availed.

Payment Solutions: Parking payment solutions provide payment facilities at a click.

Bookings: An iframe for booking can be added to the website for branding parking solutions.

Contract Management: Parkicar solution for end-users as well as for operators is to edit facilities, access, and subscriptions.

Payment Solutions

Payment Machines: Payments through a payment machine is the shortest 10-second payment journey in today’s industry. This facility can be provided near the parking entrance and exit.

Mobile Payment: It occurs through integration with a third-party mobile app. On drive-in, parking transactions will appear automatically on the mobile app.

Post-Payment: It is a solution to simply pay online after leaving the facility.

Pre-Payment: With pre-payment solution parking packages can be sold to your facilities. Customers can drive in and out within their package restrictions.


Single space indication: It provides an overview of the parking area and guides visitors to the nearest available parking space.

Video Surveillance: This system includes detailed vehicle data and alarm information to implement special protection against theft and vandalism.

These are the total parking solutions available to the owner and the customer.